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Please contact the following addres about fineart and purchase original painting pieces.
If your band is looking for some sick brutal designs for album covers or merchandise, please don't hesitate to contact me. I do mostly brutal creatures and demons, antichrist themed artwork, inspired by many things such as politics, legends, biblical stories, and cultural issues. However, I can also do other designs according to your specifications/needs.

I sincerely appreciate your interest in my artwork.

About your order CD/DVD-coverart work. First of all, please let me know your band name/label name, and schedule for the release or when do you need the artwork by. And let me know any URL for listen your music like Mysapce if possible. They are necessary to creation to fit your band and see whether it would be possible to fit your order into current my schedule.

The price depends on the theme, elaboration or what concept do you have. I intend to do any artwork along with your bands(or labels) concept and the project, or any suggestion as much as possible. hope mutually agreeable the finish.

Before I start to draw sketch, let me know first if you have any idea. Or, I will ask you song titles of your new album, the main title, or some image/word that is suggestive of your new album's image for your fan. And, when we almost agreed the sketch and some of color scheme each other, I will get to drawing and coloring work.

As for payment

Prices will vary depending on how complex and detailed the image is.

After determining the total, 50% is due up-front, to be paid before any work is performed. As soon as the payment has been confirmed, sketches will be created and shown halfway throughout the creative process. During this time, I will be open to suggestions/revisions as progress continues.

When the artwork has been completed, a lo-res JPEG will be attached to an e-mail and sent for your consideration. After approval, the remaining 50% must be paid before any further activity is completed. Upon payment confirmation, the high resolution Photoshop PSD file will be sent through a file transfer service.

All payments will be made through the Paypal service ( In the event that payment cannot be completed through Paypal, a bank wire transfer is also acceptable. All processing fees are to be paid by the client. Prices quoted for artwork do NOT include any and all processing fees. (Both Paypal payments and bank wire transfer payments have processing fees.)

After the high resolution Photoshop PSD file has been transferred, the client obtains all copyrights. However, I (Toshihiro Egawa/TOSHIHIRO EGAWA ART STUDIO) reserve the right to display the completed artwork in my website, at galleries, and in artwork collections, at my discretion. No further profits will be made with your artwork or any duplicates, unless I am granted prior consent from you (the client).

I hope that these conditions are favorable with you. If you have any questions and/or enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me at you convenience.

FAQ list

[How can i send money?]
Currently ordinary payment is Paypal. Or a bank transfer, if you want.
[How long would it take to make a coverart?]
I'll take around 2-4 weeks for completed from at the point of I totally understood the concept. And also it depends on the detail, elaboration.
[Can you do coverart with full layout?]
Sorry, I do not receive offer to layout work because I am specialize in drawing and painting. However, It is possible for me to draw some art for use in inside work(booklet, cd face and back cover etc...).
[Could you logo work?]
Sorry, I do not receive offer to custom logo work at the moment.
Please contact here for other info.
Please contact here if there's any problem in our E-mail server and you could not send message.

Thank you.